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About Us


SyberCode Information Technologies Corporation was established in August, 2018 with a management team, who had managed technical units of leading institutions operating in the sector for many years and achieved great sucess, and assumed a new and much more difficult responsbility with the goal of making greater contributions to the IT/BT sector.

Starting off with the motto “Native to Software,” SyberCode aimed to breathe new life into Application Security, a concept which is not widely known and touched upon, and has done serious work in this field and achieved sucess.

Our company wishes to show its customers the value that they have wanted to see so far by delievering all the trust and honesty to everyone who deserves by displaying a much more destructive approach, by breathing new life into many areas that have existed in the sector for years, with an out-of-the-box approach while holding onto its founding principles.

Sybercode, consisting of founders with 15+ years of experience in the sector, has provided projects, consultancy and support to many companies in the field of cyber security.

Turkey's leading companies from many sectors are among the successfully completed customers. Banking, Energy, Production, Automotive, Insurance, Health, Merchandising and Holding are among these sectors. As of the day it was founded, SyberCode started its R&D activities parallelly and with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and investment power, and it still continues to grow with a separate corporate structure and developer team. It is clearly focused on meeting the needs of institutions with its R&D team which aims to develop projects that the sector needs and that have not been dared before.

In addition to all these values, by administering all processes (project designing, promotion, all pre-sales, sales and after-sales technical processes maintenance, installation etc) of the solutions and products, developed mainly in our beautiful country as DOMESTIC/NATIONAL and in various countries in the world, which need to be managed and maintained between the End User and the Manufacturer, SyberCode has successfully represented them in Turkey and all over the world.

By focusing primarily on Cyber Security, SyberCode pledges to become an expert in its field by doing only what it knows best, to always be renewed and to establish a "heartfelt" bond with its customers by always protecting its values.

The SyberCode Family is extremely confident that “Commercial Success” will come quickly along with a sustainable foundation of trust, effort and fairness.

SyberCode, which has proven that it will provide added value to this sector for many years with its 200+ corporate customers according to the net figures of the first quarter of 2021, proceeds on its way with its destructive projects and initiatives.